Commercial Real Estate Transactions

We provide a complete range of legal services for commercial real estate. The institutional or private lender is provided with punctual cost conscious loan documentation with care to underwrite both the title to the collateral and corporate authority of the borrower and guarantors. For commercial real estate lenders, the billing is fixed fee with no hourly charge for advice on the specific loan matter. Achieving closing in a smooth, calculated and timely manner takes study of the loan order upon receipt, initial information gathering, strong team communication, and on-going responsiveness from the beginning to the end. We pride ourselves on representing the same institutional and private lenders for decades. We also provide legal counsel, with input from their tax consultant, to new and rehearsed investors and developers in the purchase, development, construction, lease and sale of commercial real estate with a specialty in owner- occupied buildings. With a combined 65 years of commercial real estate legal experience, we welcome and can handle any commercial real estate engagement.

Sharon Scharff Greenwald is board certified in commercial real estate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1987.